You’ll Never Want to Buy Crickets Again…

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Dear Friend,

Did you know the average reptile owner spends up to $1000 per year on live crickets?

And the average lizard can live 10 years or more in captivity?

That’s $10,000 of YOUR hard-earned cash being wasted on over-priced store crickets.

What if I told you there is a way you can have an unending supply
of healthy crickets within arms reach whenever you need it?

And there’s no fancy equipment required!

It’s just a matter of following some simple steps…

Yes, you can breed crickets quickly and easily without stink, headaches, or excessive effort.

Believe it or not, there are several basic steps you can take, and once you understand them,
you won’t want to return to buying crickets ever again.

You’ll be too busy enjoying your pet and seeing how much happier and healthier he/she is!

That’s right… it is easy to start saving money and reclaim your freedom,

and your pet will thank you for it!

STOP You may be wondering…
“How can my pet be healthier from home-raised crickets?”
Simple answer. When you raise your own crickets, you’re in control of their environment and diet. We’ve all heard the saying, ‘you are what you eat’.
It’s no different for our pets. Which would you guess is healthier:
A home-cooked steak or a McDonald’s burger?
A homegrown tomato or a genetically modified, store-bought one?
Alright, but if it is easy, “why don’t more people raise their own crickets?”
Reason #1: They’ve been misinformed. Unfortunately, there is a lot of false information out there on the internet and there are consequences to following the wrong advice.
Reason #2: They’re afraid it would be too much trouble. Well, that’s what the giant farms and
chain pet stores want you to think…

The truth is, cricket breeding is not rocket science, but it has to be done the right way!

No, crickets don’t have to stink!
They can smell as fresh as a garden salad
…if you do it right.

I’m JM Daniels and I’m the author of Cricket Breeding Made Easy, the brand new e-guide that contains everything you need to know RIGHT NOW to get started breeding a winning cricket colony.

Why should you trust me?

Well, I’ve been in your shoes…

When I first began looking for info on how to breed feeder crickets,
everything I found was contradictory and left me with more questions.

I just wanted a straightforward series of steps to follow, something proven I could count on…
something that didn’t require any expensive equipment…

I knew there had to be a way to use what I already had at home…

And after doing a ton of research, experiments, and interviews with top-notch breeders,

I finally figured out what works!

One day it occurred to me that there were other people out there who could benefit from what I’d found.

At that moment, I thought, “Why should I keep this all to myself? Why not share it with the world?”

Cricket Breeding Made Easy is based on a compilation of real life experience and thorough research.

In this e-guide, I’ll show you the simplest way to get started breeding crickets so you can stop buying them!

Cricket Breeding Made Easy is your ticket
to feeder cricket FREEDOM!


cricket breeding made easy You’ll Discover:

*How to set up the ideal habitat

*What to feed your crickets so that they thrive!

*The crucial temperature for keeping crickets alive

*Daily & weekly care in UNDER 5 Minutes

*The ONLY safe methods for cleaning cricket cages

*How to incubate the eggs and rear the babies!

*Diseases, parasites, dangers – how to prevent them



Everything is laid out in a simple, easy-to-read manner with photos.

Supported in all of the most popular e-reader formats: Kindle, Nook, and Adobe.

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